Applied Plastics Expands Online Product Offerings and Availability

PTFE Natural® Mandrels and Pull Wires Now Available on Chamfr’s Online Marketplace

NORWOOD, MA –– Applied Plastics LLC, a portfolio company of Vance Street Capital and a leading provider of PTFE coated mandrels and fine wire to the advanced catheter market recently expanded its online store catalog. Applied Plastics is now increasing its reach by offering PTFE Natural® coated components & products with Chamfr. Chamfr is the leading medical device online marketplace, designed to connect engineers and supply chain teams with sellers that are committed to delivering components to engineers quickly.

Applied Plastics’ online store offers over 100+, in-stock, PTFE Natural® coated products and has gained momentum in 2020 as more and more Catheter Design Engineer’s enjoy the expedited order processing & delivery advantages provided by eCommerce platforms.

“In order to offer our customer’s a best-in-class online experience, we’ve recently added half sizes to our extensive PTFE coated mandrel and fine wire online store inventory. Now, we’re excited to collaborate with Chamfr as an extension to our existing PTFE Natural® store to support R&D projects with in-stock, fast shipping, lubricious and durable PTFE coated mandrels and pull wires.”, said Michael Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing.

“We’re continuously adding products that our buyers need for their medical device development efforts.” stated Katie Karmelek, Chamfr Co-founder and CTO. “The addition of Applied Plastics rounds out our mandrels offering by providing engineers with more sizes including half sizes. This larger offering means engineers can access the precise size they need, giving them more control over their design.”

Over the last year, the Applied Plastics team has remained committed to providing our customers with market-leading coated mandrels, wire and lubricious products that can enable the manufacturing of innovative life-saving devices.

Discover the PTFE Natural® Difference by shopping online or submit your inquiry to [email protected].

About Applied Plastics – founded in 1953, Applied Plastics serves customers worldwide in the medical device industry with their trademarked PTFE Natural® coating which is applied to a variety of metals, including stainless steel, nitinol and silver-plated copper. Applications of use include mandrels, pull wires, core wires, hypotubes, stylets and guidewires Applied Plastics supplies PTFE coated mandrels, fine wire and hypotubes to customers globally ranging from large OEMs and contract manufacturers to R&D startups. Their coated products are widely used in high-growth microcatheter segments such as cardiovascular, electrophysiology (EP), neurovascular, peripheral vascular and structural heart. For more information, visit

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Superior medical devices require superior coatings.

Our proprietary PTFE Natural® coated mandrels offer unmatched benefits.


Low Coefficient of Friction

PTFE Natural® coatings provide a coefficient of friction generally in the range of 0.05 to 0.20, depending on the load and sliding speed.



PTFE Natural® coatings can operate continuously at temperatures up to 550°F and can be used for intermittent service up to 600°F with adequate ventilation.



Non-Stick Very few solid substances will permanently adhere to a PTFE Natural® coating. While tacky materials may show some adhesion, almost all substances release easily.



Chemical environments usually do not affect a PTFE Natural® coating. Only molten alkali metals and highly reactive fluorinating agents are known to affect this coating.



The proprietary PTFE Natural™ coating process enhances the substrate bonding surface to provide optimum lubricity without flaking or cracking.



Since PTFE Natural® finishes are both hydrophobic and oleophobic, cleanup is easier and more thorough.