Custom Coated Mandrels

Custom Coated Mandrels

As an experienced PTFE coating supplier, we apply a robust PTFE coating to provide a consistent and lubricious surface finish on straight, custom tapered and multiple step mandrels. Our manufacturing team is experienced in coating complex grind
configurations and transitions based on your needs. In addition, we can provide PTFE coating removal services.

We can manage the entire supply chain or you can send us your ground mandrels to coat.


Custom Mandrel Configurations

  • Tapered
  • Stepped
  • Skived or Flat
  • Grooved
  • Shaped

Our proprietary surface finish preparation & PTFE Natural® manufacturing process provide catheter manufacturers with various benefits while used as a manufacturing aid bonding, forming, tipping & welding and reflow processing applications that require a mandrel with both a robust PTFE coating.