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Order In-Stock PTFE Natural® Coated Mandrels & Fine Wire

We are committed to delivering high quality components, held to tight tolerances and that meet our customer’s lubricious and robust coating performance needs.
For help with an order, call +1 (781) 762-1881 or submit a contact request.


(Dimensions Listed in Inches)


Unit price includes proximal and distal end radiused and a Certificate of Compliance. All major credit cards accepted. Minimum $150 per order. Maximum order quantity per size is 20 units. All orders will ship within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. For questions processing an online order, please call 781-762-1881 x248. PTFE coated mandrels and wire are not authorized for permanent implants.

Applied Plastics currently offers PTFE Natural® coated mandrels and wire online for shipment within the United States and Europe. For orders to ship to other countries please contact us at sales@appliedplastics.com

Part No.AlloyCoatingODOD ToleranceLengthLength Tolerance
304 SS PTFE Natural 0.0670" +/- 0.0005" 73.00" +/-0.25"
304 SS PTFE Natural 0.0680" +/- 0.0005" 73.00" +/-0.25"
304 SS PTFE Natural 0.0690" +/- 0.0005" 73.00" +/-0.25"
304 SS PTFE Natural 0.0700" +/- 0.0005" 73.00" +/-0.25"

Custom Coatings for Your Mandrels / Fine Wire.

Let Applied Plastics coat your product with our industry-leading coating.

We work closely with our customers to identify your surface finish and lubricity needs, and then we select the method of application to optimize your product performance. We are committed to providing a consistent coating and quality service. Please submit information about your needs, or your questions or comments using the convenient contact form below. Drawings may also be submitted. All inquiries will be responded to in a timely fashion.

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