PTFE Coated Mandrels Block Tubing From Shrinking

A full line of blockers coated with Teflon® (forming mandrels) that maintain tight tolerances on the inside diameter of catheter shafts is available from Applied Plastics Co., Inc. of Norwood, Massachusetts.

Applied Plastics’ PTFE Coated Mandrels are offered in stainless steel or nitinol to prevent sticking, block tubing from shrinking, and simplify catheter removal in fuse welding and tipping operations. They are offered in standard 0.005” to 0.070” sizes, in many fractional diameters within ±0.0003” of each other, and custom sizes can be supplied on request.

Featuring a smooth, anti-stick surface that can withstand heat up to 300°C continuous, with excursions up to 371°C, Applied Plastics’ PTFE Coated Mandrels provide a 0.05 coefficient of friction per ASTM-1894. Maintaining an inventory of over 50,000 pieces, the firm can supply precision cut lengths to 12 ft.

Applied Plastics’ PTFE Coated Mandrels are priced depending upon material, size, tolerances, and quantity. Free stainless steel samples, pricing and literature are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Applied Plastics Co., Inc.
David Ring, VP Marketing
25 Endicott St. / P.O. Box 128
Norwood, MA 02062-0128
(781) 762-1881 FAX (781) 769-3349